Rehabilitation is the process of allowing individuals to reach their maximum potential following injury or illness. The main aim is to get people back to the same level of activity and sport as they were pre injury or illness.

While sadly this is not always possible due to the severity of injury or illness, at KOSET we aim to work with individuals to allow them to achieve the highest level possible, with many of our clients returning to work, sport and activity at the same intensity as before injury or illness.

At KOSET we use a range of hands on treatments, exercise therapy, education and fitness training during the rehabilitation process. As part of your rehabilitation programme you will be assessed and the process will be discussed with you to achieve your maximum potential and a return to sport in the quickest and safest possible time scale.

The rehabilitation process may include the use of the well equipped gym on site, use of our outdoor running track or hydrotherapy (not available on site), you will also be given some exercises to do in between therapy sessions to aid your rehabilitation further. As part of your rehabilitation we may involve club coaches, local personal trainer Barrie Mark PT , members of your family or your employers to aid your return to sport, activity or work. We may also suggest a referral to a Nutritionist during your rehabilitation to ensure your body gets the nutrients it needs, or for dietary advice during long periods of injury lay-off and to aid your return to competition.

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