Sports Therapy is a discpline of healthcare which specialises in the prevention, treatment and rehabilitation of injury. 

While the main focus is on getting sports performers back into sports participation, Sports Therapists work with all aspects of the population to get individuals back to sport, functional or occupational specific fitness.  At KOSET we work with any individual regardless of age, participation level or injury and it's our aim to get that individual back to the level of fitness required.

Sports Therapy includes all aspects of sport and exercise sciences, utilising sports physiology, biomechanics, psychology and education.  At KOSET we require the individual to take an active role in their injury treatment and rehabilitation.  We aim to provide the physiological and pathological process to allow you to return to general function, exercise, work and sport.

Please refer to the main services page for a list of sport therapy treatments provided. We are insured by The Society of Sports Therapists.

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